Allahu akbar? (engl)

This Post is being put online in 2 languages. click here to get back to the german version. I think it very important that this message can be easily read internationally, even if I have no control over how many actually will read it.

Allahu akbar – God is greatest.

Allahu Akbar

Words that should show the the greatness and the good of God, and that should make the one who speaks them humble before the Almighty. Words to sing praise to God and bear His greatness into the world. In short: good words.


IblisBut what is it now? A battlecry which seeds fear and panic in the hearts and minds of those who hear it, fear for one’s own life, and the nagging feeling that the God they praise is not good but rather a bloodthirsty monster. More likely that it is Iblis face those madmen wear, when they are yelling those hallowed words and they start butchering those they call heathen.

I know that severyl will say “Hey! Christians used religion to kill on a massive scale, too!”. And they are right. Looking back, that, too, was something incited by a few who wanted to make the world the way they saw fit and they used the guise of religion and Gods glory for that. There is no denying that. But is that really a reason for doing the exact same thing again, just not with the words “Deus Vult!” but “Allahu Akbar!”? Shouldn’t people say “Just a minute.. this happend some centuries ago… why are we doing this?” And saying “It’s only 10 per cent of the Muslim population, there is no need to damn ALL of us!” is right. But it will happen. Exactly like it happened to us Germans – because a small group of radicals went nuts and we as the people did not fight that, we are now known to the world as Jewkillers, Hate- and Warmongers and only God knows how long this will remain. The Chinese are technically versed, but most people only know that the Chinese kill their own by running them over with tanks. Japanese are just Kamikaze-killers. And so on, and so forth, because that is what remains. And nobody knows for how long.

Papst FranziskusReligion is, and most likely will be, a fixed point in the lives of many. It strengthens when you are in fear, is a helping hand when you need it, a beacon oh hope in a world of darkness.But it also is and most likely will be a massively manipulating Agent. And this is where its dangers lie, as well as its duties. The catholics are doing it right: Pope Francis is uprooting old values, changes rules and generally makes the catholic church more attractive for people. And for that he deserves the greatest respect, especially since he seems to know (or has been told..?) what to do to keep his church from dying.

If only other churches would know how to do this as well. This would help at least a little, since the christian, anglican and other churches I know there is preaching about tolerance, moderation and loving thy neughbour and if manipulation happens then this normally leads away from radicalisation. (I’m not saying thet there is NO radicalisation- I have just never encountered it).

Pierre VogelIn some Mosques, however, there are hate-preachers that confuse “fresh” believers with their speeches, try to change their minds, and in the end, make lead them to fanatism. I know for a fact that this works, seeing as the techniques used by those hate-preachers is basically the same as missionaries use – confuse, destroy, give a new perspective and then paint it in wonderful colors. I myself have been subjected to this procedure and have almost been captivated by it, so I believe I know how it feels, and maybe even what might help against it.

Everything I could say, however, is irrelevant as long as there are so many victims and perpetrators to do this. Now I have no idea about those who commit these manipulations, their reasons are too many. The victims however are a different story.

Of those who have been radicalised, most seem to have the same problem, which can be described as “having troubling living conditions” – very little education, no perspective at all. (Important: not everyone is like this, but these seem to pop up very often). And let’s be honest here – in what nation, be it industrial, western, eastern, rich, poor or other – where do those who seem to belong to the social borders or lower class get any kind of good will? Activities for young people? You can join a club – which are costly. Places to be, meet up, chat, play games or party? You can rent those – also costly. If they move into old derelict buildings because they can’t stand it at home anymore, Gleichgültigkeitthey are being kicked out because “that doesn’t belong to you!”, if they just slump down on city corners, they are either being insulted by “good people” or being attacked by organised beggar groups, or they are being taken away by the police (for loitering) – and our churches, contrary to Italy are effectively closed permanently, and those clubs and institutions founded by the church to accomodate exactly these people are by now costly, too. Is it surprising, then, if people like that are being collected and radicalised? If I was in such a situation(and thank God, I am not) then I’d be very happy as well when suddenly a band of strangers comes up to me, extends a hand and says “Hey man! Get up, we’ll be there for you.”

Our indifference, our lack of compassion, our obsession with keeping the status quo and the conviction that “anyone can do it, if they just try” are a perfect ground for the plague that treate humans like dirt, ips families apart, kicks freedom of speech and thought to the ground ...and changes the face of its God to a laughing devil. And to combat this, we don’t have to show “more tolerance towards the wishes of those who have different beliefs than us” or “better integrate citizens with a migrational background” – even though both isn’t bad – no we’d have to look towards ourselves first. what good is tolerance towards disabled lesbian black people, when the majority (and right now the receivers of Hartz-IV and homeless seem to BE the majority) ahs to suffer and gets even less support than they should?


If you made it here, thank you, and rejoice, I am now coming to the end.

You Muslims out there: fight those extremists. Don’t let them be the face the world sees, when it looks towards the Muslims. You extremists out there: do you really want to make Allah the enemy of the world and drown His name in the blood of hundreds of thousands before you realize it’s been Iblis pulling the strings? Don’t make the mistake of our past, and go another way.

You others out there: become human again, see other people as other humans and not as annoyances. share the things you have – your time, your smile, and if you have, your food – with those who need it. It doesn’t cost anything and you are not only helping the one you are sharing with, but you are helping yourself as well. And with a bit of luck, you are helping everyone else who sees this.


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